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First draft of my next novel is nearing completion. I think my colleagues in boarding schools will enjoy this one. My cat. Lyca, however, is not happy because there are lots of dogs in it - dogs who are remarkably talented in surprising ways. Just hold on, Lyca, until the conclusion! 


Authors: Check Out End2End Books for Covers!


I love the covers to both my books, and it is due to the great work of End2End Books. They are inexpensive, creative and fast. Plus for each order you get the choice of three different covers. I recommend this company highly!


The Old Man in Home Alone


Yes, it is true that the late Roberts Blossom was my father's younger brother, but did you know that he was an accomplished poet? He actually preferred writing to acting. My daughter, Lydian Blossom, is a great writer who prefers acting. I'm so proud of her for following in his footsteps! 


My father was a businessman who secretly wrote every day in little tiny spiral notebooks that he kept in his shirt pocket. He collected funny things people around him said, and he loved puns. 

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